about me

Claudiu Murgan was born in Romania and has called Canada home since 1997.
He was involved in the Romanian fandom, writing and organizing local events.

His short stories were published in anthologies in Canada, Italy, Romania and the USA.
Claudiu authored three novels: The Decadence of Our Souls (2017), Water Entanglement (2018), and Crystal Cloud (2020).
In 2022, Manor House Publishing (Ontario, Canada) published ‘Love Letters to Water,’ an anthology edited by Claudiu. It contains 34 contributors from 14 countries.

In April 2020, Claudiu started his own podcast, Spiritually Inspired, in order to bring forward a message of love, gratitude, and Oneness. He wanted others to get inspired by these stories, identify their own challenges and apply the meditations, the breathing exercises, and spiritual practices mentioned by his guests.

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