Cladiu is the host of the Spiritually Inspired weekly video show. He interviews people that already experienced a turning point or their spiritual path. Claudiu creates an environment where people open up, vibrate with love, gratitude and compassion.

Did you know that there is a big Indian on top of Mt. Rainier in Washington state? Have you had the chance to spend time with Terence McKenna? Listen to some amazing insights.

Do you know of anyone who swam with the whales in the Atlantic or spent two years in a cave in India? Estelle did all this and much more.

Learn more about Transpersonal Empowerment psychology, Innocence, and how to hold space for others.

A former lawyer turned author, yoga teacher, and spiritual coach. Listen to a story weaved through magical water and Divine Macroverses.

A former monk explains what attracted him to the monastic order and what determined him to return to the tumultous society ten years later.

Learn what it took an extreme microbiologist turned professional adventurer, to climb three volcanos in Bali in eighteen hours.

A naturopathic doctor explains how Intentional Acts of Gratitude could change our lifes. He also provides practical advise to stay healthy.

Is the ego our main personal adversary on the path to enlightment? Learn how the Humanity’s Team impacting the world.

Find out what a Spiritual Business Coach does. How plant medicine can help you get a clear picture of your life’s path.

How to improve the odds of your daily life by using astrology. What will characterize the 2020-2024 period?

Do you think you know what Magic is? David talks about witnessing over 222 miracles, synchronicities and Siddhis of rapid healing.

Find out how a shy catholic girl became a Woman’s Leader in the Soka Gakkai Buddhist organization, an energy healer, and an author.

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