Interview #153

Elizabeth talks about blockages that prevent us from becoming wealthy; encounters that could change our life dramatically, and much more.

Interview #152

Marlin shares his experience with elephants at a circus; why praying to the Ancestors could be the best religion; and why we should be child-like. 

Interview #151

The Gurus, and especially Yogananda, never stopped helping me from the other side.

Interview #149

Rebecca talks about the meaning of life, being energetically balanced, and the beauty of New Zealand.

Interview #148

Sheila talks about ‘walk-in souls,’ Earth’s transition to a new density, and what determined her to create the Conscious Awakening Network.

Interview #147

Sarah talks about her unusual spiritual journey, about Space Weather, frequencies and dimensions.

Interview #146

Livia shared about her experience of living in Hawaii; the Crystal children; the telluric energies in Romania, and her plans for 2024.

Interview #145

Ivory talks about her favourite subject, angels; how one can start communicating with angels, and why she never gave up on her passion for music.

Interview #144

Zachary and I talked about his perception of the Matrix, Somatic healing, his next book, and much more.

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