Interview #174

Sharon shares about the magic of talking to plants; how a sacred ceremony could change one’s life, and more.

Interview #173

David is a dynamic individual, passionate about helping others on their spiritual path and clearing any personal blockages | #173

Interview #172

We had a lovely talk on a wide range of subjects, but our hearts lightened up when we touched on Mary Magdala and the feminine power

Interview #171

We had a lovely discussion about manifestation; alternative ways of healing; their trips to India, and more.

Interview #170

Heather did a reading about the podcast; shared about how she works with her clients, and more

Interview #169

Interview #169 with Linda Plunkett, author, missionary, cancer survivor, is live. We talked about her fight with a potentially deadly illness; her missionary work and love for God, and more.

Interview #168

We talked about her contact with Inter-Dimensional extraterrestrial beings; her purpose of shining light onto the UFO phenomena, and more

Interview #167

Faust talks about how much psychology changed in the last 35 years; how psilocybin could heal trauma, and more | #167

Interview #166

Kathy talks about her feeling of not belonging on earth; her education time in Italy; the Akashic reading about the podcast, and more | #166

Interview #165

Suzanna is that perfect unassuming teacher who could help with the Ascension and Awakening process. Her spiritual transformations while in Sedona and Hawaii are inspirational | #165

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